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B366 Suprascapular nerve block in chronic shoulder pain
  1. N Alexiadou,
  2. E Nikouli,
  3. S Lefkaditis,
  4. N Mprazoukakis,
  5. M Spyrou,
  6. G Koumarampis,
  7. G Papageorgiou and
  8. E Antonopoulou
  1. Department General Hospital of Xanthi, Xanthi, Greece


Background and Aims This is a retrospective study to assess the effectiveness of suprascapular nerve block to relieve pain and improve the range of movement in degenerative disease of shoulder.

Methods We studied 954 adults within a period of four years, 275 men and 679 women aged from 37 to 87 years old with chronic shoulder pain. The patients were in pain and had junctional disability due to degenerative disease. We performed suprascapular nerve block with 10 ml of levobupivacaine 2.5 mg/ml using anatomical landmarks and a nerve stimulator to determine needle placement or an ultrasound technique if it was difficult to identify the nerve. Thirty minutes later the patients had a physiotherapy session. They were given instructions to do specific exercise for as long as the block lasted. A series of 4 suprascapular nerve blocks were performed to the patients. We recorded pain score and range of movement for12 weeks.

Results The success rate of the block was 99.5%. There was significant improvement in all pain scores (pain at rest, at night and at movement) 90% in all patients. Pain VAS score was 2–3 occasionally, during the follow up . The range of movement improved 80–90% in all patients. There were no significant adverse effects in the patients due to the peripheral nerve block.

Conclusions Suprascapular nerve block is an easy and safe method to perform with minimum side effects and very effective in the management of chronic shoulder pain, which is a common clinical problem.

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