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B365 Association between referral to pain centers and death in chronic pain cancer patients
  1. F Yerosimou,
  2. E Papageorgiou,
  3. S Terzi,
  4. P Grigoriadou and
  5. S Anisoglou
  1. Thegeneio Cancer Hospital of Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki, Greece


Background and Aims Pain is a common symptom among cancer patients. However, it is not adequately controlled in a large portion of patients. Possible causes are delayed referral to a specialized pain center as well as not administrating of strong opioids. The aim of the study is to highlight the association between delayed referral to the Pain Clinic and the patient‘s death.

Methods In a period of 3 months (01/12/21–01/03/22) we logged the patients of the Pain Clinic who died, the number of visits and the administration or not of strong opioids before their death

Results We recorded a total of 29 cases (17 males 58.6% and 12 females 41.4%). 10 (34.48%) of them did not receive strong opioids before their first visit to us. The average number of visits to the Pain Clinic was 6, while the time between the first visit and the death of the patient was 130.82 days

Conclusions Cancer is a major global health problem. As per the World Health Organization(WHO) cancer is the second leading cause of death all over the world. Majority of these patients live with chronic pain due to malignancy.The management requires a step wise multimodal therapies to control this complex process. Often our cancer patients remain undertreated for their pain resulting in a poor quality of life. Thus managing pain is a priority in cancer patients not only for physical well-being but also for psychological and ethical needs of the patients.

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