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B356 Ultrasound-guided pericapsular nerve group (PENG) with dexamethasone: an excellent option for early mobility following total hip arthroplasty: retrospective case series
  1. S Das1,
  2. N Chatterjee1 and
  3. M Munjal2
  1. 1Yeovil District Hospital, NHS, Yeovil, UK
  2. 2Mangalam Medicity, Jaipur, India


Background and Aims The primary aim was to access postoperative mobility, secondarily to measure the length of hospital stay, pain score, opioid consumption, and side effects.

Methods After ethical committee approval, a retrospective study was conducted with 50 patients who underwent primary THA. Twenty-eight patients received PENG block after spinal anaesthesia (SA) (Group-PENG), 7 patients had general anaesthesia with PCA postoperatively (Group-PCA), and the remaining 15 received SA with fascia-iliaca block (Group-FIB). The mobilisation was attempted in all patients (ability to stand and walk a few steps with a walker) after 10 hours of surgery. Data was collected for average postoperative pain score, time of mobilisation, total opioid consumption, opioid-related side effects, and discharge time from the hospital

Results In the Group-PENG, 26 patients (n=28) were mobilised within the first 10 hours without any opioids. All other patients received average 9 +/- 2.1 mg morphine before mobilisation. The average time of discharge (hours) from the hospital (22.1+/-4.9) was also significantly lower in Group-PENG compared to all others (31.7 +/- 3.4, p=<0.01). Average postoperative pain score was significantly low in Group-PENG within the first 48 hours. Opioid-related complications were least in Group-PENG.

Conclusions The PENG block helps in early mobilisation and enhanced recovery after THA. It provides adequate analgesia for early mobilization and is easy to perform in the supine position after spinal analgesia.

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