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B288 Comparison of education and practice of residents in the trimister of obstetric anaesthesia in Greece
  1. S Tsakiliotis,
  2. JP Kousidis,
  3. D Bliablias,
  4. K Tsolakidou,
  5. A Katsanevaki and
  6. E Goutziomitrou
  1. General Hospital Papageorgiou, Thessaloniki, Greece


Background and Aims The General Hospital Papageorgiou contributes to the National System of Health, including duty on call, in accordance with the procedures laid down by the competent authorities. Two resident doctors ( one from our Hospital and the other as a guest trainee) recorded the experience and the participation in various operations or procedures at the time of their trimester in Obstetric Anaesthesia, where it was completed in different times periods.

Methods The University Obstetric Clinic has a robust schedule of surgical procedures. So, a doctor in training can participate in four different types of activities in correlation to the four operating rooms. There is a room supporting the Unit of Medically Assisted Reproduction, an operating room for obstetric scrapings, labor rooms for normal birth and rooms for cesarean sections. All these different procedures are completed after the preoperative anaesthesiological assessment, where the information and the written approval of the patients is acquired.

Results The resident from our Hospital logged forty-eight operations or procedures while the guest recorded fifty-five respectively

Conclusions The guest resident participated in more cesarean sections than the first one, and for this reason she performed more combined spinal/epidural anaesthesia procedures. Regional anesthesia and not general, is a favorite technique in cesarean sections. There is a much smaller rate of normal childbirths compared to cesarean sections in Greece. It is important to encourage the participation of doctors in training rigorous programs of education and to practice obstetric anaesthesia. Also, the effort in record keeping from doctors is a worthwhile practice.

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