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B276 Purines of blood, cerebrospinal fluid, and the quality of spinalanesthesia for cesarean section in women in labor with COVID-19
  1. E Oreshnikov,
  2. S Oreshnikova and
  3. A Oreshnikov
  1. Chuvash State University, Cheboksary, Russian Federation


Background and Aims Explore the relationship of indicators purine spectrum of blood, cerebrospinal fluid and the characteristics of spinal anesthesia for cesarean section in women in labor with COVID-19.

Methods We examined 30 pregnant women, who before starting spinal anesthesia for cesarean section was performed over the fence of venous blood, in the performance of spinal anesthesia (before the introduction of anesthesia) - fence CSF. Purines was determined by direct spectrophotometry. Take into account the following characteristics of spinal anesthesia administered dose of spinal bupivacaine mg, speed of onset, depth and height of the spread of spinal block, the need for additional administration of intravenous analgesics and anesthetics. Using parametric and non-parametric correlation analysis, nonparametric comparisons of two groups by Mann-Whitney U Test.

Results Dose spinal bupivacaine significantly positively correlated with serum levels of guanine, hypoxanthine, adenine and xanthine. Time of onset of adequate spinal block significantly correlated positively with the level of serum guanine, hypoxanthine, and block height - with a negative concentration guanine and xanthine. Mothers with high-quality, adequate spinal block, which do not require the additional use of intravenous anesthetics differed from women with a low, not enough adequate spinal block, a lower concentration of guanine in blood serum.

Conclusions The level of guanine in blood serum can be used to predict the quality of spinal anesthesia in obstetrics with COVID-19, and possibly to define indications for preemptive use of combined spinal-epidural or general anesthesia instead of the single-stage single-dose spinal anesthesia.

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