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B250 Sphenopalatine ganglion blocks for treatment of post dural puncture headache
  1. YC Lim and
  2. S Manohara
  1. Changi General Hospital, Simgapore, Singapore


Background and Aims Post dural puncture headache (PDPH) is a known and potentially debilitating complication of neuraxial anesthesia that can impede patient recovery. The conventional treatment includes hydration and symptomatic treatment like simple analgesics. Those who have unremitting symptoms following conservative measures are offered an epidural blood patch (EBP). However, EBP, an invasive procedures is associated with many complications.

Methods We report a 40 year old man who experienced PDPH after spinal anaesthesia. His symptoms recurred after conservative managements was instituted was offered a trans nasal sphenopalatine ganglion(SPG) block.

Results He had excellent pain relief and did not require an EBP.

Conclusions SPG blocks can be considered early in the treatment of PDPH together with general supportive measures. However, if pain relief is not achieved, an epidural blood patch should still be considered.

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