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B233 A successful hearing recovery after stellate ganglion block for sudden sensorineural hearing loss
  1. HJ Park,
  2. J-H Seo,
  3. JY Kim and
  4. BW Kim
  1. College of Medicine, The Catholic University of Korea/Seoul St Mary’s Hospital, Seoul, Korea, Republic of


Background and Aims SSNHL(sudden sensorineural hearing loss) is common emergency in otolaryngologic clinic. Although spontaneous resolution has been reported as 32% to 65%, clinicians suppose this numbers might have been overestimated based on their experience. Moreover, if untreated with remaining hearing loss, SSHNL may cause significant depression and loss of their quality of life.

Methods A 36-year-old woman presented to our pain center complaining of incomplete recovery of hearing loss of right side of ear. Her initial audiogram demonstrated her air conduction threshold ranged between 45–65 dB and bone conduction threshold ranged between 80–50 dB while her left ear air and bone conduction threshold remained normal. We performed three sessions of right sided SGB with 2 weeks interval to the patient under ultrasound.

Results After 2 sessions of SGB, patient experienced subjective recovery of hearing loss, and confirmed of complete recovery of hearing loss by audiogram after the 3rd sessions of SGB. the patients’ audiogram was completely resolved. Both air and bone conduction threshold were less than 15db.

Conclusions Therefore, the authors suggest that sono-guided procedure would be most adequate method of procedure of SGB to the patient with SSNHL. Adequate vasodilation could be accounted by precise blockade of cervical sympathetic ganglion and leads to therapeutic effect of SGB on SSNHL. Ultrasound guided SGB could be an alternative salvage therapy for patient with refractory SSNHL.

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