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B183 Automated text message follow-up for peripheral nerve blocks; a secure, user-friendly method
  1. C Bate,
  2. C Smith and
  3. J Newland
  1. Waikato District Health Board, Hamilton, New Zealand


Background and Aims The follow-up of patients after peripheral nerve blockade is a labour-intensive but necessary job, in order to screen patients for both block satisfaction and rare complications. We aimed to develop an automated text message follow up system to screen for these outcomes.

Methods We present our journey in developing a secure, easy to manage automated text message follow up application. This application is built to integrate with the Microsoft Teams platform, ensuring data security and easy access for all clinicians within our anaesthetic department.

Results The automated text message system sends a simple questionnaire via SMS to all patients who have received a peripheral nerve block, assessing block effectiveness, consumer satisfaction, and screens for both motor and sensory complications. Concerning responses are then highlighted on the dashboard to allow easy identification for further follow up. Monthly or yearly statistical reports of results are easy to create. We have found patient response rate is currently 56%; following on from this we plan to commence a cycle of improvement focusing on ways to increase this response rate and better reflect patient experience.

Conclusions We believe that with the wide availability of Microsoft products, this secure, user-friendly, automated text message system can improve the efficiency of patient follow up post peripheral nerve blockade and allow easy identification of patients that require further clinician contact with minimal cost or technical expertise.

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