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B166 Delivery of regional anaesthesia training in the new curriculum
  1. R Colleran and
  2. I Khan
  1. Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, Aberdeen, UK


Background and Aims The Royal College of Anaesthetists is the UK's professional governing body which innovates and augments training within the specialty. Medical education has developed the concept of 'spiral learning' and competency-based training programmes [1]. Anaesthetic training in the UK continues to evolve, with the introduction of a holistic curriculum, implemented in 2021. Training is divided into stages, with progression from novice to fully independent anaesthetist in all areas of practice, including regional anaesthesia. 

Our aim was to evaluate if the current level of exposure at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary (ARI), Scotland, a busy tertiary centre, is sufficient to meet the new curriculum needs and identify methods to maximise training opportunities from a trainee and trainers' perspective.

Methods An online survery was sent out to the Anaesthetic Department of ARI.

Results We received 48 responses from 29 consultants(60.4%), 16 trainees (33.3%) and 3 SAS doctors(6.3%).65% of respondents were familiar with the changes to theRCoA curriculum. 21% of respondents believed that trainees could meet these requirements. If a training opportunity inregional techniquewas identified, 52 % wanted it communicated via Whatsapp and 54% wanted it to be highlighted on CLWRota. 73% of respondents felt it would be helpful to have a regional enthusiast available to provide advice, observe, or perform the block during the day.

Conclusions The anaesthetic training programme is designed to expand a clinician's ability over time. In order to achieve competency in regional anaesthesia, both trainees and trainers will be required to engage in innovative approaches inorder to achieve learning objectives.

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