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B160 There’s an app for that: reducing cognitive burden of dosing calculations for high volume local infiltration analgesia (HVLIA)
  1. T Knowles and
  2. S Jigajinni
  1. Whipps Cross Hospital – Barts Health NHS Trust, London, UK


Background and Aims In our institution a multistep manual calculation is required to determine the safe dose of local anaesthetics for the peripheral nerve block (PNB) and HVLIA1. Informally some colleagues reported the process to be burdensome. We wanted to understand whether an app could improve this process.

Methods Following a pre-intervention survey we created a prototype app The app allows the user to select patient weight and the type of PNB, and calculates the correct dose of HVLIA. We released the pilot app with a clear disclaimer to ensure evaluation alongside clinicians standard practice. A followup survey assessed feasibility and acceptability to clinicians.

Abstract B160 Figure 1

Results The pre-intervention survey revealed; only 30% of respondents thought the manual calculations were easy to perform, 70% of respondents calculations took up to 5 minutes to complete with 50% using pen and paper and 100% using a phone calculator. Following the app pilot; 100% of users reported that it made calculations easier and were confident that it would reduce errors. Increased efficiency was observed with 75% of users reporting using the app took <1 minute. All users reported high levels of trust in results obtained from the app.

Conclusions Using a plan-do-study-act approach we built an app that local clinician-testers report makes dose calculation easier and quicker compared to their usual practice for our local HVLIA protocols. To complete the act phase we will need to conduct a formal local trial, and seek approval of the app’s medical device status.

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