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B125 Development of new teaching and training programme of peripheral nerve blocks for junior anaesthetists
  1. Z Milovanovic1,2,
  2. I-A Tribe1 and
  3. A Wilkinson1
  1. 1Hometon University Hospital, London, UK
  2. 2Royal London Hospital, London, UK


Background and Aims We developed a new teaching and training programme for peripheral nerve blocks (PNB) based on both the NICE1and Royal Collage of Anaesthetists (RCoA)2requirements in training of PNBs. The yearly programme encompasses formal teaching sessions and facilitation of training opportunities.

Methods The teaching is a ‘scanning club’ with monthly sessions on specific PNBs by a specialist regional anaesthesia consultant (figure 1). Formal teaching is via a PowerPoint presentation followed by practice of ultrasound scanning on mannequins and colleagues attending. Feedback is gathered via an anonymous questionnaire to assess pre-session and post-session confidence and experience.

This is supplemented by a new system to improve training opportunities where anaesthetists are informed of PNBs each day via anaesthetist’s WhatsApp group.

Results The surveys demonstrate a marked improvement (more than two-fold) in anaesthetists’ confidence scores of PNBs in three areas: anatomy, ultrasound scanning and performance (figure 2). Overall, the feedback of teaching is very positive (figure 3), and free text comments had high praise of the sessions, with‘real-life scanning practice’and‘practical application’being the most helpful aspects.

Conclusions The new programme has been running for 9 months with positive feedback that supports its longevity. This method of teaching is transferable to any hospital anaesthetic department with access to ultrasound. Training opportunities are cultivated so anaesthetists can practice PNBs learned in the scanning club to increase their clinical skills and confidence. This supports the overall clinical provision of PNBs as per NICE and RCoA guidelines and amplifies patient safety.

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