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B124 Perioperative satisfaction assessment of patients undergoing vitrectomy under regional anesthesia – a prospective observational study
  1. D Teles,
  2. J Lusquinhos,
  3. A Machado and
  4. P Maia
  1. Centro Hospitalar Universitario de Sao Joao, Porto, Portugal


Background and Aims Ophthalmic procedures may be performed under general, regional or local anesthesia. Patient satisfaction is an important health care outcome measure that helps to evaluate and optimize our clinical practice.

The goal of this study is to evaluate satisfaction of patients undergoing regional anesthesia for vitrectomy procedures.

Methods A 2 year prospective observational study was conducted with 122 adult patients undergoing vitrectomy under regional anesthesia (peribulbar block). Patient satisfaction was evaluated using an adaptation of a validated satisfaction scale specific for Regional Anesthesia. Mann Whitney U test, Chi-scare test and linear correlation model were performed in the statistical analysis.

Results No significant difference was observed between pain experienced during the procedure and ASA classification, laser use, presence of diabetes, duration of the surgery, and time until total akinesia.

Additional block/analgesia was required in 17 patients. Statistical differences were found between intraoperatory pain (1.4, on average, on Visual Analog Scale, VAS) and postoperative pain (0.5, on average, on VAS) and the need of additional block/analgesia during the procedure (p<0,05 and p<0,015, respectively). Satisfaction with regional anaesthesia was lower in the group that experienced pain during the procedure (p<0,05).

Four patients (3%) were not satisfied with anesthesia and 114 patients (93,5%) would repeat the procedure under the same technique.

Conclusions Patients’ satisfaction with regional anesthesia is influenced by pain experienced during surgery. None of the evaluated variables, apart from the need of additional block influenced pain felt during the procedure.

Due to overall satisfaction we may continue to perform vitrectomy under regional anesthesia.

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