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B120 An audit of patient satisfaction after regional anaesthesia in a tertiary centre
  1. S Kelly,
  2. A Meagher,
  3. C Harte Hayes and
  4. J Keaveney
  1. Beaumont Hospital, Dublin, Ireland


Background and Aims Peripheral Nerve Blockade (PNB) has been associated with improved analgesia outcomes compared to opioid analgesia, with the added benefit of avoiding opioid-related side-effects. Few studies have investigated patient satisfaction with PNB, which is an important indicator of quality of care.

Methods A consecutive sample of patients who underwent surgery under regional anaesthesia were identified through theatre records.

Patients were contacted by phone shortly after discharge. They were asked to complete a telephone survey which featured questions regarding, perceptions, expectations, analgesic effects, adverse effects, overall satisfaction and their willingness to undergo PNB again should it be needed. 5-point Likert charts were used to gauge satisfaction. Severity of pain was reported on a numerical scale.

Results 26 consecutive patients who underwent surgery with PNB were identified from theatre records. 15 were successfully contacted and consented to be surveyed. 14 patients had a brachial plexus block using the axillary approach for procedures. The most common procedure was open reduction and internal fixation (ORIF) of the radius (n=10). Patients reported a high degree of satisfaction with regional anaesthesia (see figure 1), few side-effects and a good analgesic effect.

Conclusions Our survey results suggest that patients report a high rate of subjective satisfaction when undergoing PNB as well as experiencing good intraoperative analgesic effect. The rate of adverse effects was limited.These results suggest that PNB is well tolerated and warrants consideration when planning the anaesthetic approach to certain cases, in particular the use of a brachial plexus block suing the axillary approach for ORIF of the radius.

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