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B112 Peri-capsular nerve block of shoulder joint as a motor sparing alternativein arthroscopic shoulder surgeries: a case series
  1. BR Ray,
  2. DUG Sanker and
  3. D Bhoi
  1. All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Delhi, India


Background and Aims Arthroscopic shoulder surgeries are frequently done with interscalene block, however it is associated with hemi-diaphragmatic paresis (HDP). Recently a pericapsular nerve block around shoulder joint has been described as an diaphragm sparing alternative. Here we report a case-series describing successful use this block in arthroscopic shoulder surgeries.

Methods The block was given preoperatively before general anaesthesia in five cases of arthroscopic Bankart’s repair. The patient was positioned in a supine position with head-end elevated and arm abducted and externally rotated. The block was performed with the linear probe placed over the shoulder capsule and injecting 20 ml of 0.5% bupivacaine between the deltoid and subscapularis muscle (Picture-1). A pre-block and post-block evaluation of the diaphragmatic excursion (DE) was measured. All patients received 2mcg/kg of fentanyl at induction of anaesthesia and patient control analgesia in the post-operative period.

Abstract B112 Table 1

Conclusions Peri-capsular nerve group block can be used as a diaphragm sparing block in shoulder surgeries. However, its non-inferiority to superior trunk block is to be proved.

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