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B102 Ultrasound-guided supra-inguinal fascia iliaca block as the main anesthetic method in five different indications, case series
  1. S Tulgar,
  2. C Genc and
  3. M Suren
  1. Samsun University, Faculty of Medicine, Samsun, Turkey


Background and Aims Ultrasound-guided Suprainguinal Fascia Iliaca Block (SIFIB) targets the components of the lumbar plexus immediately medial to the spina iliaca anterior superior (ASIS). It is generally used for perioperative analgesia, but it has not been reported as the main anesthetic method in patients undergoing hip surgery. Herein we report our experience of SIFIB as the main anesthetic method or as part of a combination in hip surgery.

Methods SIFIB was administered to 3 female and 2 male patients, aged 43–78 years, for surgical anesthesia. Procedures were patella fracture repair, vein ligation and stribbing, knee tumor excision, knee prosthesis revision and transfemoral knee amputation. SIFIB was used alone in three and in combination with a popliteal block in two patients. For all SIFIBs, 50 mL of bupivacaine-lidocaine mixture was used.

Results Sensorial block of surgical field was achieved in all patients. During surgery, one patient reported mild pain inferolateral to the knee and one mild/moderate pain at the posterior of the knee. No other perioperative pain was reported. Both patients who reported pain had a very low analgesic requirement. All surgeries were completed uneventfully without complications.

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Conclusions Through its lumbar-plexus block-like effect, USG-guided SIFIB can be used safely as the main anesthetic method when applied with a relatively high volume of local anesthetic. SIFIB can be the choice of analgesia owing to no requirement for patient positioning, being a relatively superficial block, and not causing nerve/vascular injury during needling.

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