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SP16 How to impress with a PPT presentation?
  1. S Casaer


GZA Ziekenhuizen, Antwerp, Belgium

The secret to a strong presentation is to have a clear content on one hand and to present it with a powerful attitude on the other hand. To deliver a clear message your slides should be simple and structured. Keep in mind the different personalities in your audience and try to address them all. Cut down on words, pause and make eye contact. Take your time to prepare and own your message instead of trying to prove it.

How to Improve access to RA for all?

This lecture will guide you through the barriers of practical implementation of regional anesthesia in your hospital. To build a regional program you need ‘4T‘s’: Teaching, Time, Trust and Team. Regional anesthesia is a subspecialty which requires a thorough theoretical knowledge of anatomy, pharmacology, surgical techniques and evidence on outcome benefits to support your efforts. Training programs need to provide sufficient opportunity to acquire practical skills in basic blocks. Implementing a program requires time and patience to instruct your co-workers and to find the best pathway in your center. Hospital logistics need to support supply of qualitative equipment. It is a team effort to optimize patient care.

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