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B63 Suprainguinal fascia iliaca block for perioperative analgesia in total hip replacement: a retrospective analysis
  1. A Herijgers1,2,
  2. PBC Van de Putte2,
  3. A Wallyn2,
  4. E Hendrickx2,
  5. G Schols2 and
  6. K Vermeylen3
  1. 1UZ Leuven, Leuven, Belgium
  2. 2Imeldaziekenhuis, Bonheiden, Belgium
  3. 3AZ Turnhout, Turnhout, Belgium


Background and Aims Suprainguinal fascia iliaca blocks can be used as part of peri- and postoperative pain management after total hip arthroplasty.1,2,3 This study compares postoperative morphine use and pain scores between patients with a suprainguinal fascia iliaca block (FIB) with ropivacaine 0.375%, 40 mL and a control group (NB).

Methods We conducted a retrospective, single-center study reviewing all data of elective total hip arthroplasties performed between April 2019 and May 2021. Primary endpoint is patient-controlled intravenous (PCIA) morphine use at 24 hours. Secondary endpoints were PCIA morphine use at 48 hours, NRS pain scores, perioperative sufentanil-, postoperative IV piritramide consumption on the PACU ward and nausea. The ethical committee of the Imelda hospital in Bonheiden deemed ethical approval unnecessary.

Results Our study included 277 patients, consisting of 203 patients in the FIB group and 74 in the NB group. There was a significant decrease in PCIA morphine use (p = 0,000034) at 24 hours, lower pain scores at 48 hours (p = 0,0003) and lower sufentanil consumption perioperatively (p = 0,015) in the FIB group. However, pain scores and piritramide consumption in the PACU ward were significantly increased (p = 0,02 and p = 0,014, respectively) in the same group. No difference was reported for PCIA morphine use at 48 hours, pain scores at 24 hours and nausea.

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Conclusions A preoperative suprainguinal fascia iliaca block leads to less PCIA morphine consumption the first 24 hours, lower NRS pain scores at 48 hours and lower perioperative opioid need for total hip arthroplasty.

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