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B54 Bilateral superficial cervical plexus block for awake parathyroidectomy in a high risk patient
  1. T Azad,
  2. B Kesavan and
  3. K Manoharan
  1. University Hospital of North Tees NHS Foundation Trust, Stockton on Tees, UK


Background and Aims Regional blocks as sole anaesthetic techniques are gaining importance, particularly in patients with extensive comorbidities, where general anaesthesia is high risk. Blocks for surgeries involving neck are more challenging and carry high risk due to the presence of vital structures around. This report describes anaesthetic management of awake parathyroidectomy with bilateral cervical plexus block in a high risk patient

Methods 81 years male with history of CAD for 20 years, past MI, CABG with 3 grafts, chronic heart failure, poor functional capacity, NYHA classIII, uncontrolled hypertension, TIA thrice in the past, hypercholesterolemia, fatty liver with deranged liver functions and stage 3 CKD, has been posted for elective parathyroidectomy for refractory hypercalcemia. He was evaluated in preoperative clinic, options of anaesthetics discussed and decided for regional technique. On the day of surgery, he was made to lie down with 30* head-up tilt, standard AAGBI monitors connected, iv cannula inserted, aseptic precautions undertaken, neck ultrasound performed, “Stop before the block” adhered to; Left Superficial cervical plexus block performed with 50mm NRfit needle viewing needle in-plane with ultrasound using 10 ml 0.5% levobupivacaine. The same procedure is repeated on right side.

Results After 15 minutes waiting time, block assessed at surgical site with pin-prick. After ensuring that block quality is good, he was started on conscious, arousable sedation with propofol TCI. Procedure lasted for 80 minutes and the patient was comfortable and pain free. Peri-operative period was uneventful

Conclusions Bilateral cervical plexus blocks can be used as sole anaesthetic technique in experienced hands for selected patients, particularly high risk ones

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