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B42 Survey of anaesthetists on the use of ultrasound for central neuraxial blockade on parturients
  1. Y Mahmoud,
  2. M Walters,
  3. K Rizkallah,
  4. M Oliver and
  5. M Rigaudy
  1. East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust, Ashford, UK


Background and Aims We conducted a survey on the use of ultrasound for central neuraxial blockade (CNB) on parturients between November 2021 to March 2022. The aim was to discover anaesthetists experience with this technique and explore opinions and concerns prior to encouraging a change in practice.

Methods The survey was disseminated electronically throughout the department comprising 60 anaesthetists. Questions covered experience and likelihood of changing practice after a period of training (if required).

Results 31 out of 60 responses were received.

Abstract B42 Figure 1

Grade of anaesthetists responses and experience in performing ultrasound-assisted CNB

Abstract B42 Figure 2

Confidence in performing ultrasound-assisted CNB (scale 1–5, where 1= not confident and 5= extremely confident)

Abstract B42 Figure 3

Likelihood of performing ultrasound-assisted CNB after receiving training (scale 1–5, where 1= unlikely and 5= most likely)

20% of respondents highlighted concerns. These included the perceived additional time needed in emergencies, the availability of an ultrasound machine, patient safety and deskilling in the traditional landmark approach.

93% replied that ultrasound decreases number of attempts and improves accuracy of vertebral level identification.

87% suggested regular practical teaching sessions to improve confidence.

Conclusions The majority of anaesthetists in our hospital have no or very little experience in ultrasound-assisted CNB and were not confident to perform this technique. Replies suggested that lack of training and limited equipment are barriers to regular use. We intend to address these concerns with regular training sessions and promote the availability of a dedicated ultrasound machine on the maternity ward.

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