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B34 Sonoclub – regional anaesthesia for region’s anaesthetists
  1. S Thirunagari1,
  2. S Galitzine2,
  3. N Suarez2,
  4. J Cudlipp2 and
  5. T Jones2
  1. 1Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust/Stoke Mandeville Hospital, Aylesbury, UK
  2. 2Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust/John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford, UK


Background and Aims Regional anaesthesia (RA) exposure in anaesthetic training in the United Kingdom (UK) is variable, and we hypothesised that many trainees lack confidence performing RA techniques. RA is a core component of the new UK Royal College of Anaesthetists (RCOA) curriculum(1) and a key part of the anaesthetist’s analgesic armamentarium(2).

Sonoclub was formed by group of enthusiastic regional anaesthetic trainees with sole aim of inspiring enthusiasm and making anaesthetists in the region more confident in provision of Regional Anaesthesia (RA-UK) “Plan A” and “advanced” blocks. A series of educational events were planned.

Methods A programme of teaching sessions, each lasting an hour and focussing on one Plan A and one advanced (Plan B/C) block, was developed.

The emphasis was on spending time scanning human models, with expert guidance to identify anatomy and improve technique. The group was advertised to anaesthetists of all grades via email, WhatsApp® and Twitter®.

Anonymous pre- and post-course feedback on confidence and teaching quality was gathered.

Abstract B34 Figure 1

Comparison of confidence levels pre vs. post Sonoclub

Abstract B34 Figure 2

Plan A Block feedback

Abstract B34 Figure 3

Plan B/C Block feedback


  1. Low confidence in plan A block performance, even amongst senior trainees.

  2. Little prior experience or training.

  3. Training deficit that will be hard to make up, especially in line with new RCOA curriculum.

  4. Short, sharp, focussed training sessions are highly valued and can increase participant confidence in block performance.

  5. Teaching programmes such as Sonoclub will play a key role in ensuring training needs met.

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