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ESRA19-0594 Ultrasound guided percutaneous neuromodulation and block to treat chronic shoulder pain-A retrospective analysis of 50 patients
  1. A Thottungal
  1. East Kent Hospitals University NHS Trust, Kent and Canterbury Hospital, Anaesthetics and Pain management, Canterbury, UK


Background and aims The shoulder joint is one of the pivotal joints for day to day activity. Chronic shoulder pain is a major musculoskeletal pain problem affecting significant functional disability and incidence is as high as 67%. Currently the main treatment modalities are oral analgesics, physiotherapy, intra articular steroid injection and suprascapular nerve block. These modalities offer only partial or no pain relief. the author has developed a new treatment modality- ultrasound guided superior trunk percutaneous neuromodulation and block for chronic shoulder pain management.


  • After local research and development departmental approval a retrospective data collection who had the procedure was done

  • Retrospective– 55 patients from mid–2016 until end of 2017. Data obtained from 49.

  • Age, sex, laterality, original pathology, pre procedure NRS, post procedure NRS at 6–8 weeks, patient reported outcome of functionality and QoL improvement, details of physiotherapy sessions and it’s outcome were recorded.


  • Average pre procedure pain score was – 9/10 and post procedure pain score was –3.3/10.

  • Average 63% reduction or 5 points in the NRS reduction

  • 80% reported Quality of life and functional improvement.

  • Majority of patients had Osteoarthritis and rotator cuff pathology.

  • Second most common cause was persistent post surgical pain.

Conclusions Ultrasound guided STBPB provided average 63% improvement in NRS scoring and 80% improvement in functionality and QoL across the board.

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