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ESRA19-0279 Adding ozone to dextrose and somatropin for intra-articular injection for knee osteoarthritis
  1. F Imani,
  2. P Rahimzadeh,
  3. SHR Faiz and
  4. K Hejazian
  1. Iran University of Medical Sciences, Pain Research Center, Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine, Tehran, Iran


Background and aims Intra-articular dextrose and somatotropin injection, as an alternative therapy has been found beneficial for knee osteoarthritis (OA). Recent studies suggested ozone as a candidate based on analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant for these diseases. the aim of this study is investigation of the efficacy of adding ozone to dextrose and somatotropin in patients with knee OA and assess the effects of this modality on pain, joint stiffness and physical activity.

Methods Sixty patients who were suffering from knee OA randomly assigned to two groups. In the first group (DS), intra-articular knee injection was 10 ml of 50% dextrose and 4IU somatotropin. In the second group (DSP) a mixture of 10 ml of 50% dextrose, 4IU somatotropin and 10 ml of ozone 25 mcg was injected. Then, during the 3rd, 5th and 16th following week’s participants were examined by Western Ontario and McMaster universities osteoarthritis index (WOMAC Score).

Results The mean WOMAC score of patients in the DS group has decreased significantly from 64.9±10.7 at the beginning of the study to 49.2±9.0 at sixteen weeks after that (P<0.001). the DSP group have also experienced a significantly decrease in the mean WOMAC score from 64.2±11.3 at the beginning of the study to 41.4±8.0 at the sixteen weeks after that (P<0.001). the changes of WOMAC score were significantly higher in the DSP group at week 3 and 16 after treatment rather than DS group.

Conclusions Adding ozone to dextrose, somatotropin for intra-articular knee injection is more effective for knee osteoarthritis by improving pain, stiffness and functioning of the joint.

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