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ESRA19-0090 How to get published
  1. A Abad-Gurumeta
  1. Hospital Universitario Infanta Leonor, Anesthesiology and Critical Care, Madrid, Spain


How to get published In recent years, there is an increasing importance of the publication of scientific innovations. the authors must know what are the requirements of each journal to which they want to send their research work, study the specific rules, know the systems of registration and submission of documentation through the web, the editorial process and the steps to follow in each of the requirements demanded by the editors and proofreaders of your article until finally achieving the success of the publication of your work. All this requires prior training, knowing the editorial process and the management of the scientific article from its submission to the final response by the editor, knowing that if the work is not accepted, we must consider the critics of the reviewers to improve it and assess the shipment to another magazine.The high editorial competence to obtain higher quality of the works and an increase in the appointment of these, related to obtaining a greater impact factor, makes necessary the realization of courses and adequate training to update the authors. the importance of publishing and being the author of prestigious national and international journals has a determining role for the professional curricular development and for obtaining public and private funding in new research projects.

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