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ESRA19-0685 Conflict resolution in obstetric anaesthesia practice by evidence based concepts
  1. K Dasgupta1,
  2. L Tooley2,
  3. M Lohit3,
  4. S Ganesh2,
  5. S Saha4,
  6. A Farrag5 and
  7. S Jaleel5
  1. 1Consultant anaesthetist, Anaesthesia, Leicester, UK
  2. 2George Eliot Hospital, Anaesthesia, Nuneaton, UK
  3. 3Northampton General Hospital, Anaesthesia, Northampton, UK
  4. 4Leeds Teaching Hospital, Anaesthesia, Leeds, UK
  5. 5George Eliot Hospital, Obstetrics, Nuneaton, UK


Background and aims Team behaviour in obstetrics anaesthesia is of paramount importance in patient safety. Non evidence based traditional practices can be changed by knowledge dissemination through review of the literature. We targeted 4 scenarios and observed the team functioning.

Methods This was an observational study on labour ward team knowledge and behaviour during patient management. the four real life scenarios we targeted were:

Knowledge was disseminated by lectures and electronic media. We analysed the change of behaviour and acceptance of evidence base.

Conclusions Change of team behaviour based on evidence achieved. Multidisciplinary engagement, clarity in communication resulted in a functional team in labour ward.


  1. A J Lee, Anaesthesiology, 2017

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