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ESRA19-0122 Pulsed radiofrequency in superficial peroneo nerve with complex regional pain syndrome
  1. B Rodriguez Campoo
  1. Gomez Ulla Hospital, Anesthesiology, Madrid, Spain


Background and aims Complex regional pain syndrome is currently a poorly understood disease. Symptoms are usually very intense and profoundly affect the quality of life of people who suffer from the disease. We present the case of a woman with complex regional pain syndrome in external malleolus due to a fall skiing.

Methods 52-year-old female presented to the pain department with severe external malleolus pain and stiffness, persisting for more than 8 months after falling in the snow. The patient met the criteria for a probable diagnosis of complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) ankle. She had already been treated with corticoids and we decided to discontinue the treatment as no response was found. We prescribed gabapentin and tramadol with almost no response. After this treatment we undertook a superficial peroneus block with 100% improvement that lasted 3 weeks, therefore we decided to apply radiofrequency to that nerve during 6 minutes and 45 V.

Results After the radiofrequency, we applied 3 milliliters of levobupivacaine plus 4 milligrams of dexamethasone. The patient had an improvement of 100% that lasted at least during 6 months. She could return to work and we follow her up every 3 months.

Conclusions The CRPS is a pain treatment challenge. We must have open minds and offer our patient the best option according to their illness.

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