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ESRA19-0019 Audit report of quality and safety indicators for peripheral nerve blocks: a trial of innovative auditing tool (mobile app) to improve outcome in practice
  1. P Malhotra
  1. W Pratiksha Hospital, Anaesthesiology, Gurgaon, India


Background and aims Failures in auditing have been linked to well-publicized, harmful instances of service failure.1 The aim of the audit is to report, measure and monitor perioperative data of peripheral nerve blocks by using this innovative RAD (regional anaesthesia database) app in single clinician’s practice.

Methods Data (1-6-2017 to 6-10-2018) on practice, clinical and patient related outcome measures was prospectively entered in the mobile app and web-entries. Basic descriptive statistics were obtained in the app with real time, automated and continuous data analysis. Summary statistics with comparison to national data is presented. This app is built by Medusys, registered under Government of India. Patient’s written consent is not required as no patient identifiable data has been used.

Abstract ESRA19-0019 Figure 1

Conclusions This is first ever reported audit of regional anaesthesia, enabled by an e-audit tool (RAD app and database®), at my institute done with minimal effort and resources. Some of the recommendations made for my practice were: timeout before block to be 100% (40% achieved, although no incidence of wrong site block) and reducing catheter related complications most commonly leakage (which was significantly reduced in the middle of audit by inserting extra length of catheter inside adductor canal). This innovation will improve audit participation, provide real world data to national database and improve safety and quality of regional anaesthesia practice.

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