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ESRA19-0582 Subarachnoid block with ultrasound guided transversalis fascia plane block for cesarean section: a randomized controlled double blind study
  1. ME Aydin1,
  2. Z Bedir2,
  3. AM Yayik3,
  4. EC Celik3,
  5. İ Ates1,
  6. E Oral Ahiskalioglu1 and
  7. A Ahiskalioglu1
  1. 1Ataturk University School of Medicine, Anesthesiology and Reanimation, Erzurum, Turkey
  2. 2Nenehatun State Hospital, Anesthesiology and Reanimation, Erzurum, Turkey
  3. 3Regional Training Research Hospital, Anesthesiology and Reanimation, Erzurum, Turkey


Background and aims The transversalis fascia plane block (TFPB) defined by Hebbard in 2009 was performed for postoperative analgesia in T12-L1 dermatomes. The TFPB has provided effective analgesia in various surgeries such as inguinal hernia repair, iliac graft surgery, cesarean section. The aim of this study was to evaluate the analgesic effect of ultrasound guided TFBP in patients undergoing.

Methods The study was planned to include 60 patients in Group TFP and Group Control. We share the preliminary results of our ongoing study here with 20 patients. Twenty patients were randomly assigned into two groups. At the end of surgery, USG guided, 20 ml 0.25% bupivacaine to Group TFP and 20 ml of saline to Group Control were injected into bilateral transversalis fascia plane. Postoperative analgesia was maintained with morphine PCA and intravenous paracetamol 1000 mg every 6 hour. Rescue analgesic was determined as 50 mcg IV fentanyl.

Results Pain scores were lower in the TFP group at all time points, this difference was not statistically significant. Morphine consumption was significantly lower in Group TFP than Group C at the all time periods (p<0.05) (figure 1).

Abstract ESRA19-0582 Figure 1

Conclusions After cesarean section under spinal anesthesia, TFP block was found to be effective to reduce postoperative opioid consumption on preliminary results.

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