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ESRA19-0053 Igel phantom: a innovative model for USG guided needling training
  1. J Kurian1,
  2. S George2 and
  3. I Babu2
  1. 1Consultant Anaesthesiologist, Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care, Kochi, India
  2. 2Rajagiri Hospital, Department of Anesthesiology, Kochi, India


Background and aims Advancement in ultrasononography has increased the interest among anesthesiologists to learn regional anesthesia techniques. Commercially available phantom models like gelatin based phantom and agar based phantoms, though inexpensive, have a shorter shelf life. We devised a novel and cost effective learning phantom using I gel for needling training using ultrasound-guided (USG) with good visibility of needle.

Methods I gel is placed over a flat surface and the hollow of the I gel is filled with transparent jelly and both sides of I gel is closed using adhesive tape (figure 1).The USG probe is placed longitudinally along the long axis of I gel just proximal to the non-inflatable cuff (figure 2). This will create a hyperechoic linear artefact which simulates the target on the sonoimage (figure 3). The 16G needle is placed near the USG probe at around a 30-degree angle to the surface of I gel and try to pierce the I gel and the needle will pass smoothly through the I gel surface.

Abstract ESRA19-0053 Figure 1

Results You will find the entire length of needle passing through the I gel and a linear hyperechoic line will be seen as the target. This will create a real time simulation of parenchymal tissue. Needling can be repeated several times without damaging the I gel.

Conclusions I gel phantom can be a cost effective and durable training phantom for learning needle manipulation under USG guidance especially for novice interested in USG guided peripheral nerve blocks.

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