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ESRA19-0607 The hip as source of conflict. defining its role in pelvic referred pain
  1. I Iriarte-Posee
  1. Clinicas Ars Médica, Rehabilitation, Bilbao, Spain


The hip is a common cause of pain in the elderly but also in Young people. Patients usually complain about pain in the groin which can extend to anterior, lateral or even posterior side of the thigh and buttocks, depending on the structure involved.

In this lecture we are going to review most common etiologies of hip pain.

We will start with most common patologies originated in the joint itself. Ostearthritis and femoroacetabular impingement. We will initiate with a clinical approach, examination and evaluation of the complementary exams, and the treatment possibilities.

The second entity we will review is the subgluteal syndrome. It may be caused by fibrovascular bands affecting sciatic nerve, piriformis syndrome, gemelly-obturator internus syndrome, ischiofemoral pathology, hamstrings conditions, gluteal disorders or orthopedic causes. with very similar clinical symptoms. After defining this syndrome, we will go through an anatomical reminder and its clinical exploration. Some aspects of the imaging diagnosis with US and MRI will be explained and its treatment.

In the lateral side we will talk about greater throcanteric syndrome. And its clinical, US and MRI assessment. We will talk about US guided procedures.

Finally to widen our minds, we will mention other less frequent causes of hip pain like rectus femoris insertional patologies, psoas affections, adductors patologies and sports hernia.

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