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ESRA19-0121 Patients treated with transcutaneous pulsed radiofrequency in painful knee, several case reports
  1. B Rodriguez Campoo
  1. Gomez Ulla Hospital, Anesthesia Unit, Madric, Spain


Background and aims Pulsed radiofrequency is the application of a high-frequency current with microseconds pause. This modality is a non-invasive one and it does not produce pain.

Methods We describe 3 cases of knee pain in elderly patients where surgery had been dismissed. We measured the efficacy in reducing the pain and how long it lasted.

Results 2 of the patients experienced a reduction of more than 90% of the pain. The other only experienced an improvement of 50% of the pain. The pain improvement lasted minimum 3 months with the option to repeat this therapy.

Conclusions Transcutaneous pulsed radiofrequency can be a non-invasive treatment for the painful knee with a high effectivity. More research might be conducted.

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