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ESRA19-0142 ‘chronic cervical pain’, multiple morality approach to its management
  1. AP Bhalla
  1. Anesthesiology, Critical Care and Pain, K D Medical College, Hospital and Research Center, Mathura, Uttar Pradesh India, New Delhi, India


Background and aims Chronic cervical pain has become an increasingly world wide problem because of widespread working on computer screens and mobile phones, which leads to faulty neck postures, which leads to generation of chronic cervical pain. In this presentation we intend to present a unified multi-modality plan so as to give relief to the patient from pain. The aim of this approach is to enable the patient to avoid neck surgery.

Methods The following modalities and protocol are to be used in treatment of cervical pain:

  1. History

  2. Physical Examination: Complete physical and neurological workup

  3. Investigations: Cervical X–rays, MRI of the neck

  4. Management: (A) Drugs – NSAIDs., enzymes, muscle relaxants, local gel applications. (B) Neck exercises. (C) Cervical epidural block. (D) TENS. (E) Acupuncture and acupressure. (F) Yoga.

‘CERVICAL EPIDURAL BLOCK’ is an important and integral part of management in this protocol.

Results With the use of above methods and modalities we can hope to give up to 75% relief of ‘CHRONIC CERVICAL PAIN’ to almost all the patients. This enables the patents to avoid surgery. Avoidance of surgery is a great advantage as it cuts down the hospital stay and the cost, Because these procedures including the cervical epidurals can be performed in a day care center.

Conclusions The above multi-modality approach to management of ‘CHRONIC CERVICAL PAIN’ is a safe, cost effective method for managing of this worldwide problem which has reached epidemic proportions.

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