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ESRA19-0276 The see and treat clinic, a prospective audit of patient satisfaction of a novel clinic model
  1. J Bailes1,
  2. R Gupta2 and
  3. M Baloch2
  1. 1St Georges Hospital, Anaesthesia, London, UK
  2. 2Frimley Park Hospital, Department of Anaesthesia, Camberley, UK


Background and aims In our department, we have recently introduced ‘see and treat’ clinics. Patients referred with chronic pain are invited to attend for a 1 hour consultation following selective triage. If their symptoms meet criteria for physical intervention, they are consented and have an ultrasound guided injection under local anaesthesia within the appointment time. This study aims to assess patients’ overall satisfaction with this novel model.

Methods Over a 9-month period, following their consultation, patients were asked to complete a patient satisfaction questionnaire comprising of 11 criteria. These were assessed using a series of yes/no questions with an additional qualitative section for comments.

Results 31 completed questionnaires were analysed. 43% of all patients went onto have a physical intervention. 100% of patients agreed there was enough time to explore the medical problem and discuss physical interventions. 100% agreed they had been given enough information to make an informed decision. 93% were comfortable during the physical intervention, whereas 67% were aware of the possible physical intervention prior to attending the consultation. Perhaps most importantly, 100% of patients would recommend this model.

Conclusions This study shows that this novel pain clinic model is well received amongst our current patients. It suggests that there is sufficient consultation time to discuss the medical problem and treatment options as well as perform an intervention without significant discomfort. An area for us to improve is in our communication to patients prior to attending. We propose the use of such interventional clinics as part of a solely outpatient based pain service.

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