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ESRA19-0480 Physical activity as a weapon to fight pain in lung cancer: a patient perspective
  1. E Tsaroucha1,
  2. A Nikolakopoulou1,
  3. G Noutsos2,
  4. E Kavvada1,
  5. A Athanassopoulou1,
  6. A Andrianopoulos1 and
  7. A Rapti1
  1. 1Hospital of Chest Diseases of Athens, 2nd Dept. of Pulmonology, Athens, Greece
  2. 2National and Kapodistrian University, Medical School, Athens, Greece


Background and aims Background: Exercise and physical activity (PhA) seem to be therapeutic options for inoperable lung cancer (LC) reducing symptoms and improving QoL.

Aim: To describe how a mild PhA affects the patient’s life regarding the pain.

Methods Data was collected by 9 patients with LC and bone metastases under treatment. All of them received a 30 min personalized daily program of mild PhA (an afternoon walk of 2 blocks). Interviews before and after 1 mo were conducted and patient‘s lived experiences were discussed. Stress and pain scales were completed.

Results All 9 patients completed the program and 8 of them continued for 54+/-4 days more. 7/9 reported a significant reduction of pain and they gave the hypothesis of distraction while they walked. 6/9 changed the schedule of walking to a lively place with shops. 5/9 said that the activity has forced them to more easily comply with pain medication. All of them expressed positive feelings about how the activity maintains independency and better control of pain. One of them expressed as: ‘This month I was living as usual.’ 6/9 said that they appreciate and want advice from a physician about PhA with the help from a pain clinic.

Conclusions We point out the importance of improving the life of patients with LC. Pain is a serious symptom who leads to uncertainty and thoughts. PhA is an inexpensive and relatively easy therapy that seems to reduce pain symptoms and improve QoL. Patients’ perspectives will be useful for development of interventions.

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