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ESRA19-0503 Erector spinae block in 308 patients: complications and unexpected events
  1. S Tulgar1,
  2. O Selvi1,
  3. DT Thomas2 and
  4. Z Ozer1
  1. 1Maltepe University Faculty of Medicine, Anesthesiology and Reanimation, Istanbul, Turkey
  2. 2Maltepe University Faculty of Medicine, Pediatric Surgery, Istanbul, Turkey


Background and aims Erector spinae plane block (ESPB), which has been the subject of over 200 papers in a very short time, is a recent and popular block with a few reported complications. Herein, we report our clinical experience of ESPB’s complications and related unexpected events.

Methods We retrospectively evaluated block follow-up forms of 308 patients who received ESPB for postoperative analgesia or chronic pain management. the indication of block, application level of the block, details of local anesthetic drugs together with complications and unexpected events, such as artery puncture hematoma, infection, at the moment of block application and in following 24 hours were recorded in the forms.

Results A total number of interventions were 479. of these, 137 were unilateral, 132 were bilateral, 22 were unilateral-bilevel and 17 were bilevel-bilateral. Pneumothorax, hemidiaphragmatic paralysis or similar respiratory complications were not observed. Only one patient experienced motor weakness. a total of 4 patients had suspicious minor neurological findings related to local anesthesia toxicity. No major neurological or minor/major cardiological findings were observed. No complications such as nerve damage or organ damage were observed. Bilateral sensory block was detected in 1 patient who underwent unilateral thoracic ESPB. a complete epidural block below the T12 level was determined in a patient with a history of spinal surgery after unilateral lumbar ESPB.

Conclusions This single center experience showed that ESPB is a regional anesthesia technique with a low complication rate.

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