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The Second Scientific Meeting of LASRA
  1. Randall L. Carpenter, M.D.


Regional Anesthesia is the official journal of the Latin American Society of Regional Anesthesia (LASRA). The first scientific meeting of LASRA was held in São Paolo, Brazil in 1993. The second scientific meeting, Segundo Simposio Panamericano de Anestesia Regional, was held November 9-11, 1995, in Viña del Mar, Chile. A total of 38 scientific abstracts were selected for either oral or poster presentations at this meeting. I personally attended the meeting and found that research in the field of regional anesthesia is flourishing in Latin America. Each abstract was quite interesting, and I am sorry that we are unable to publish all 38. However, by previous agreement with Dr. Ostheimer, the LASRA scientific committee was asked to select 12 abstracts for publication in Regional Anesthesia. The following abstracts represent those selected by the committee.

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