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Epidural Anesthesia in a Patient With Single Ventricle
  1. D. del Pozo, M.D.,
  2. X. Sala-Blanch, M.D.,
  3. G. Fita, M.D.,
  4. B. de José María, M.D. and
  5. M. A. Nalda, M.D., Ph.D.
  1. Department of Anesthesiology, Reanimation, and Pain Therapy, Hospital Clínic i Provincial de Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain
  1. Reprint requests: D del Pozo, M.D., Servicio de Anestesiología y Reanimación, Hospital Clinic i Provincial de Barcelona, C/ Villarroel 170, 08036-Barcelona, Spain.


Background and Objectives. Single ventricle is a complex congenital cardiopathy characterized by a unit ventricular chamber. Changes of the cardiovascular system in response to epidural anesthesia in these patients have yet to be clearly elucidated.

Methods. A 26-year-old man with single ventricle underwent an orchiopexy under lumbar epidural anesthesia with intravenous sedation.

Results. Orchiopexy was successfully performed and the patient was discharged from hospital 4 days later.

Conclusion. This case report emphasizes the issues of importance to anesthesiologists in regard to this cardiopathy and describes a successful technique of caring for a patient with a complex problem in an emergency situation.

  • univentricle
  • orchiopexy
  • epidural anesthesia

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