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The Resistance of the Human Dura Mater to Needle Penetration
  1. Edmundo Zarzur* and
  2. JosÉ Jorge Goncalves**
  1. From the Anesthesiology Service, Hospital Cristo Rei, São Paulo, Brazil.
  2. *Chairman.
  3. **Anesthesiologist.
  1. Address correspondence to Edmundo Zarzur, Praça Carlos Gomes, 107, 01501 São Paulo Brasil.


Methods. An aneroid manometer attached to a needle during lumbar puncture for spinal anesthesia was used to record the pressure in the epidural space, and an attempt was made to define the moment the needle contacted and indented the dura mater.

Results. By measuring the distance the needle travelled after contact with the dura and before its actual perforation, it was determined that the dura mater indents 2-6 mm.

Conclusion. The finding indicated that the dura mater is relatively resistant to puncture.

  • Anatomy
  • dura mater
  • measurement techniques
  • resistance.

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  • The authors acknowledge Carlos Pereira Parsloe for his discussions and suggestions and Heloisa Attuy/Cecilia Fanucchi for preparation of the manuscript.