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Identification of Epidural Space by Drip Method
  1. M. Z. Michel, M.S.(Cairo), F.C.ANAES.* and
  2. E. G. Lawes, F.F.A.R.C.S.**
  1. From the Princess Ann Hospital, Southampton, United Kingdom
  2. *Anesthetic Senior Registrar, Southampton General Hospital, Southampton, United Kingdom
  3. **Consultant Anesthetist, Southampton General Hospital


In 100 pregnant women, identification of the epidural space was performed by a modified drip method. A saline infusion was prepared, leaving the distal 40 cm of infusion tubing full of air, and then attached to the hub of a Tuohy needle. Accurate identification of the epidural space was accomplished in less than one minute in 95% of cases. There were no unintentional dural punctures. This technique has advantages over the hanging drop and the manual loss of resistance techniques.

  • Anesthetic techniques
  • epidural

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