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Training Anesthesia Personnel to Perform Bleeding Times
  1. Dan J. Kopacz, M.D.* and
  2. Charles P. Gibbs, M.D.**
  1. From the Department of Anesthesiology, Virginia Mason Medical Center, Seattle, Washington
  2. *Staff Anesthesiologist, Department of Anesthesiology, Virginia Mason Medical Center, Denver, Colorado
  3. **Professor and Chairman, Department of Anesthesiology, University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, Denver, Colorado


Template bleeding time results generated by residents in anesthesiology correlate well with those obtained by trained laboratory personnel ( p < 0.002). Anesthesia personnel can accurately perform bleeding time tests when laboratory support is not available. The results of these tests can be used to guide clinical decisions.

  • Coagulation
  • blood
  • bleeding time
  • platelets
  • anesthesia
  • obstetric
  • preeclampsia

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