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Music During Regional Anesthesia A Reduced Need of Sedatives
  1. Søren Walther-Larsen, MD*,
  2. Vivi Diemar and
  3. Niels Valentin, MD
  1. From the Department of Anesthesia, Gentofte Hospital, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
  2. *Resident.
  3. Nurse Anesthetist.
  4. Chief Anesthesiologist and Lecturer in Anesthesiology.


The influence of music on the requirement of sedatives during regional anesthesia was prospectively investigated in 64 patients. It was found that patients listening to music had a significantly ( p = 0.028) smaller need of sedatives although significantly ( p < 0.05) more patients in this group could recall a feeling of anxiety during surgery. With the purpose of reducing the consumption of sedatives, we recommend the use of music during regional anesthesia.

  • Regional anesthesia
  • music
  • sedatives

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