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The Manufacture and Storage of Local Anesthetics
  1. Philip D. Cartwright, FFARCS* and
  2. Peter Fyhr, MSc
  1. *Department of Anaesthesia, McGill University and Montreal Children's Hospital, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and Astra Alab AB
  2. Department of Anaesthesia, Södertälje, Sweden


The chronological development in the manufacture of commonly used local anesthetics is described under their chemical classification of benzoic acid, ρ-aminobenzoic acid, amide, and anilide derivatives. The storage of local anesthetic preparations discusses the materials used for the drug packages, the types of packaging available, the additives used in the formulation, and aspects of the production and stability of these products.

  • Manufacture
  • local anesthetics
  • chemical classifications
  • Storage
  • local anesthetics
  • materials
  • packaging
  • additives
  • stability

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