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Treatment of Cancer Pain with Epidural Butyl-Amino-Benzoate Suspension
  1. Morton Shulman, MD
  1. From the Illinois Masonic Medical Center, Chicago, Illinois


Seven patients with intractable cancer pain received a total of ten epidural and two peripheral nerve blocks with a 10% aqueous suspension of n-butyl-p-amino-benzoate. All patients achieved good to complete pain relief. The daily requirement of narcotics was greatly reduced in all patients and entirely eliminated in some. Pain relief persisted until death in all patients except one where pain returned after 8 months and was subsequently eliminated with a repeat block. There were no complications.

  • Cancer
  • cancer pain
  • Epidural
  • nerve block
  • analgesia
  • butyl-amino-benzoate

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  • * Attending Anesthesiologist, Illinois Masonic Medical Center, and Clinical Professor of Anesthesiology, The University of Illinois College of Medicine at Chicago, Chicago, Illinois.